Sensoria: Weaving Sensors into the Fabric of Your Life

October 13, 2014
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Sensoria’s first products are for runners. Their smart sock “are infused” with proprietary 100% textile sensors. When combined with an electronic anklet and their mobile app, you end up with a virtual running coach who can help you improve your running style. Not only do the socks count steps, estimate speed and calories, they can also track cadence, foot landing technique and weight distribution while you walk and run.Their other two Sensoria products currently on the market are a heart rate sensing bra and a T-shirt. But, when I asked CEO and Co-Founder Davide Vigano what was next for the company, it was clear that the sky was the limit. Imagine granny’s night gown with positional sensors so you would know if she fell….or sensors in your yoga clothes so you really get the pose right. Pretty cool.

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  1. An intieleglnt point of view, well expressed! Thanks!