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The Consumer Awareness and Perceptions of S...

Nov 09, 2015Comments off4925 Views

Pat Salber () met with Chris Ely at the 2015 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. Chris is the Senior Manager for Industry Analysis in

Tonic Health: Making Patient Data Collectio...

May 03, 2015Comments off2916 Views

Your doctor’s office still handing you a paper form on a clipboard? No way! Tell ’em to check out Tonic Health. CEO of Tonic Health,

A “Power User’s” Perspect...

May 03, 2015Comments off2747 Views

You can use the Tonic platform to do performance assessments of patients, including functional status, cognitive performance, social status, and financial resources for managing health. Pamela

Taking a Meaningful Look at Meaningful Use ...

May 02, 2015Comments off2369 Views

DocGraph is always looking for some area of healthcare that is messed up or unclear that they can work on to help create transparency where it didn’t exist

SAS: Moving from Retrospective to Predictiv...

Apr 30, 2015Comments off1962 Views

SAS, the largest privately held software company in the world. Pat Salber () chats with Graham Hughes, Chief Medical Officer of SAS, the largest privately

In Control: An ePatient’s Life with T...

Apr 03, 2015Comments off4207 Views

Data dysfunction creates unnecessary challenges for engaged patients trying to manage chronic conditions, like Type 1 Diabetes. The highlight of WLSA 2014 Convergence Conference in San

Chopra’s Hunch: Harnessing Big Data t...

Dec 05, 2014Comments off3663 Views

“Where else could you actually reduce costs and improve outcomes to the degree in which we can in healthcare.” Aneesh Chopra, the former Chief Technology Officer

Leroy Hood: Systems Thinking in Biology

Oct 28, 2014Comments off2810 Views

Leroy Hood has been solving big problems in medicine his entire career. His contributions have been monumental, including being involved in the development of five

Ash Damle’s Passion: Bringing Good D...

Oct 13, 2014Comments off2599 Views

Ash is the founder and CEO of Lumiata (formerly known as Medgle). Lumiata is a big data analytic company that is aiming to transform medical

IBM Watson’s Open API

Oct 10, 2014Comments off3016 Views

Lauri Saft, Director of IBM Watson Ecosystem, talks about opening up an API to developers so they can leverage Watson’s “brainpower.” You don’t have to

Zephyr Health: Combining Disparate Data for...

Sep 28, 2014Comments off5141 Views

Pat Salber, MD, interviews Sven Junkergård, the CTO for Zephyr Health, an innovative big data company. Watch the video to learn how Zephyr Health is

Star Cunningham presents 4D Healthware

Sep 05, 2014Comments off2320 Views

4D can take in lab data, genome data, data from fitness trackers, and with your permission, data from your EHR Star Cunningham is the Founder