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Allscripts, Interoperability, & Their ...

Nov 10, 2015Comments off5014 Views

Pat Salber () chats with Stanley Crane, Chief Innovation Officer at Allscripts at the 2015 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. We talked about Allscripts’

The Consumer Awareness and Perceptions of S...

Nov 09, 2015Comments off4924 Views

Pat Salber () met with Chris Ely at the 2015 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. Chris is the Senior Manager for Industry Analysis in

Automating the Office Visit with

Nov 06, 2015Comments off4881 Views is on a mission to streamline the PCP office visit and they think doctors and patients are going to love it The folks at

Flow Health: Patient Check-In Done Right

Nov 05, 2015Comments off6382 Views

Pat Salber () caught up with Alex Meshkin, Founder and CEO of Flow Health at the 2015 Health 2.0 annual conference in Santa Clara, California.

Medisafe’s Medication Adherence Solut...

Nov 04, 2015Comments off4816 Views

Pat Salber () chats with Omri Shor, Founder and CEO of Medisafe, a medication adherence solution, at the 2015 Health 2.0 annual conference. Omri shares

Catching Up with Validic, the Digital Healt...

Nov 03, 2015Comments off5090 Views

Pat Salber () catches up with Drew Schiller, CTO of Validic at the 2015 Health 2.0 annual meeting in Santa Clara, California. Validic enables the

The Digital Healthcare Marketplace Goes Glo...

Nov 02, 2015Comments off4674 Views

Pat Salber MD () has a fun interview with Paul Lee MD, CEO of Curely, a digital healthcare marketplace that allows people to links to

HealthLoop Delivers Patient Care In Between...

Oct 28, 2015Comments off4671 Views

Pat Salber () talks with CEO Todd Johnson, CEO about HealthLoop‘s automated patient engagement platform that allows patients to get care for their health problems

Sensoria Wants to Turn your Garments into P...

Oct 21, 2015Comments off4363 Views

Pat Salber () interviewed Davide Vigano, CEO of Sensoria, a digital health company that turns your garments into personal computers, at the 2015 Health 2.0.