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Validic: The Digital Health Connector

October 14, 2014
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I had a fun chat with Ryan Beckland, Co-Founder and CEO of Validic at the recent 2014 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. He told me the company started out to build a patient engagement platform in 2010. The company’s IP included technology to integrate data from a variety of devices/apps. But when they talked to their potential customers, they kept focusing on the data integration rather than the larger concept of patient engagement. So, the founders did what Eric Reis advises in his startup bible, The Lean Startup, they made a pivot – and it was definitely the right move.

Validic has already integrated with more than 150 apps, wearable devices, and in-home devices making it the industry’s largest mHealth ecosystem. And they are not done…they encourage app and device makers to apply to become a part of offering. Developers:  here’s a link to learn more.

The Validic folks say they are “determined to connect the entire digital health ecosystem to the healthcare industry.”  That’s big! And, it is certainly a boon to developers of one-off solutions, such as trackers of a single or small number of clinical data points that have trouble getting traction in an increasingly complex mHealth marketplace.

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