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SNF Alert: CareCent is Here to Help

Nov 12, 2015Comments off5651 Views

Pat Salber () interviews Manoj Patel, Founder and CMO of CareCent at the 2015 HealthTech Conference in Santa Clara. CareCent is unusual because its target customer

Automating the Office Visit with

Nov 06, 2015Comments off4883 Views is on a mission to streamline the PCP office visit and they think doctors and patients are going to love it The folks at

The Digital Healthcare Marketplace Goes Glo...

Nov 02, 2015Comments off4675 Views

Pat Salber MD () has a fun interview with Paul Lee MD, CEO of Curely, a digital healthcare marketplace that allows people to links to Software to Streamline the PCP V...

Aug 07, 2015Comments off3516 Views

According to CEO Ray Costantini, MD, MBA,‘s software as a service “allows providers to do a more thorough, evidence-based interview and get to better

Next-Gen Telehealth: HealthSpot, Powered by...

May 02, 2015Comments off12368 Views

HealthSpot wants to bring the doctor to you, instead of you going to the doctor—now that’s a good idea! Steve Cashman, Founder and CEO of

BioIQ: Managing the Data Flow of Patient En...

Apr 30, 2015Comments off5532 Views

Justin Bellante, Co-Founder, President, & CEO of BioIQ Today’s guest is Justin Bellante, Co-Founder, President, & CEO of BioIQ, a healthcare technology platform. The company

Extending Emergency Care Beyond the ER

Apr 24, 2015Comments off5190 Views

The hope is that they take their meds, follow the discharge instructions, get follow-ups, and, most important, get better along the trajectory expected by the

CliniCloud: Bringing Healthcare Home

Apr 09, 2015Comments off5022 Views

Monitor your or your family’s health in the comfort of your own home with CliniCloud’s digital stethoscope and non-contact thermometer. On today’s Google Hangouts On-Air,

Transforming Healthcare: A Conversation wit...

Dec 05, 2014Comments off6164 Views

There is “a massive opportunity for healthcare systems to reshape their economics as they see declining reimbursement on the inpatient side,” said Frank Williams, CEO Evolent

ConsejoSano: Leapfrogging Barriers and Bord...

Oct 28, 2014Comments off3606 Views

Every person deserves a chance to talk to a doctor who can understand them (and that they can understand) when they or their kids are

Zipnosis: Minute Clinic on Your iPhone

Oct 21, 2014Comments off6445 Views

Zipnosis fits into the slipstream of your life in a way that traditional office visit care never has. Jon Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis, one of