BioIQ: Managing the Data Flow of Patient Engagement

Justin Bellante, Co-Founder, President, & CEO of BioIQ

Today’s guest is Justin Bellante, Co-Founder, President, & CEO of BioIQ, a healthcare technology platform. The company services its clients in population health as a technology service layer over traditional service delivery networks, such as labs, pharmacies, staffing companies and so forth. They enable those services to more easily and effectively participate in population health management.

Although BioIQ started out offering people lab testing from their home (as described in our previous July 2010 TDWI blog on the company), they have expanded their approach so that now they facilitate lab testing (and other services) in a variety of settings.

Justin says this really evolved out of the company’s core competencies in patient engagement, logistics (managing the behind the scenes physician ordering lab processing), reporting to individuals, and data management (sending data to health plans, wellness vendors, data warehouses).

As corporate wellness evolved, they built out their capabilities in a way that allows more flexibility and choice for consumers. For example, patients can do home testing, go to a lab, a retail pharmacy, or their physician’s office or BioIQ can send a nurse to the worksite or home. BioIQ is able to collect, manage, and report the data from all of these sources to a variety of individuals and organizations that needs it.

Because of this evolution, BioIQ now positions itself as a key partner with health plans and other healthcare organizations in the management of population health. Check them out!


This video is under BY-ND creative commons.

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