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Is Your Family Care Giver a Care Angel?

Dec 06, 2015Comments off4957 Views

Pat Salber () caught up with Wolf Schlagman, Founder, CEO and Chief Angel of CareAngel at the HealthTech Conference in Santa Clara in October 2015.

Medtrics Tracks Clinical Competency

Dec 05, 2015Comments off5102 Views

Now this is something completely different: Medtrics is a digital clinical education management platform that standardizes assessment of clinical competency. Pat Salber () interviews the

The Evolution of Lark from Insomnia Coachin...

Nov 21, 2015Comments off4817 Views

When I first met Julia Hu, Founder and CEO of Lark Technologies, she was working at a bench at the AOL incubator in Palo Alto. Her small

Allscripts, Interoperability, & Their ...

Nov 10, 2015Comments off5017 Views

Pat Salber () chats with Stanley Crane, Chief Innovation Officer at Allscripts at the 2015 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. We talked about Allscripts’

The Consumer Awareness and Perceptions of S...

Nov 09, 2015Comments off4926 Views

Pat Salber () met with Chris Ely at the 2015 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. Chris is the Senior Manager for Industry Analysis in

Automating the Office Visit with

Nov 06, 2015Comments off4883 Views is on a mission to streamline the PCP office visit and they think doctors and patients are going to love it The folks at

Flow Health: Patient Check-In Done Right

Nov 05, 2015Comments off6385 Views

Pat Salber () caught up with Alex Meshkin, Founder and CEO of Flow Health at the 2015 Health 2.0 annual conference in Santa Clara, California.

Medisafe’s Medication Adherence Solut...

Nov 04, 2015Comments off4819 Views

Pat Salber () chats with Omri Shor, Founder and CEO of Medisafe, a medication adherence solution, at the 2015 Health 2.0 annual conference. Omri shares

Catching Up with Validic, the Digital Healt...

Nov 03, 2015Comments off5093 Views

Pat Salber () catches up with Drew Schiller, CTO of Validic at the 2015 Health 2.0 annual meeting in Santa Clara, California. Validic enables the

The Digital Healthcare Marketplace Goes Glo...

Nov 02, 2015Comments off4675 Views

Pat Salber MD () has a fun interview with Paul Lee MD, CEO of Curely, a digital healthcare marketplace that allows people to links to

At Smart Patients, Communities Learn from E...

Oct 30, 2015Comments off4402 Views

Roni Zeiger, MD, CEO of Smart Patients, joined Pat Salber () at the 2015 MedX Conference on the Stanford Campus to discuss the company. Smart

HealthLoop Delivers Patient Care In Between...

Oct 28, 2015Comments off4673 Views

Pat Salber () talks with CEO Todd Johnson, CEO about HealthLoop‘s automated patient engagement platform that allows patients to get care for their health problems

Sensoria Wants to Turn your Garments into P...

Oct 21, 2015Comments off4364 Views

Pat Salber () interviewed Davide Vigano, CEO of Sensoria, a digital health company that turns your garments into personal computers, at the 2015 Health 2.0.

ePatient Dave Talks About the Patient as a ...

Oct 20, 2015Comments off2208 Views

Dave deBronkart (universally known as @ePatientDave), joined Pat Salber () at Stanford’s MedX conference to talk about the powerful role patients can play in medical

Is Digital Mental Health the Future of Psyc...

Oct 19, 2015Comments off4615 Views

Steve Chan MD, psychiatry resident and digital health maven, joined Pat Salber () at Stanford’s MedX to talk about digital mental health and the future

Tell Your Story to Your Doctor with Doctell...

Oct 18, 2015Comments off2278 Views

Amer Haider, CEO of Doctella joined Pat Salber () at Stanford’s 2015 MedX Conference to talk about a new feature the company has added to

Democratizing Medicine: A Conversation with...

Oct 15, 2015Comments off4241 Views

Eric Topol MD, author of “The Patient Will See You Now,” joined Pat Salber () at the 2015 Stanford’s MedX conference to talk about the

Understanding Regulation of Medical Devices

Oct 12, 2015Comments off2771 Views

Legal expert Michael H. Cohen joined Pat Salber () at MedX on the Stanford Campus to talk about understanding when a medical device or app

Using Google Glass to Enhance Brain Power i...

Oct 09, 2015Comments off4604 Views

This is amazing interview with Arshya Vahabzadeh, a pediatric psychiatrist who is working with Brain Power, a company that is developing transformable, wearable technologies for

Are Your Doctor’s Notes OpenNotes?

Oct 08, 2015Comments off2267 Views

Ever wondered what’s in your medical record? If you have access to OpenNotes, you won’t have to wonder anymore. Pat Salber () chats with Tom

Why You Should Attend the 2015 HealthTech C...

Oct 07, 2015Comments off4190 Views

Anne DeGheest, Founder and Managing Director of HealthTech Capital, joins Pat Salber () to talk about the upcoming 2015 HealthTech Conference. Not only will you

The Airing: A Hoseless, Maskless Micro-CPAP

Aug 27, 2015Comments off2150 Views

The Airing—a hoseless, maskless, micro CPAP—is a product that is still in development. A non-working prototype has been created and certain features, such as the

Med Student Builds an ICD-10 Solution ̵...

Aug 12, 2015Comments off1668 Views

Parth Desai, a Mercer University medical student, set out to build software to help his dad, an internist in Columbus, Georgia, make the required transition Software to Streamline the PCP V...

Aug 07, 2015Comments off3516 Views

According to CEO Ray Costantini, MD, MBA,‘s software as a service “allows providers to do a more thorough, evidence-based interview and get to better

Kareo: Innovating for Small Practices

Jul 15, 2015Comments off5113 Views

CMIO Tom Giannulli, MD joins Pat Salber () to talk about Kareo‘s innovations for small physician practices (1 to 10 docs). They include a mobile

CHCF’s Innovation Fund: Helping Youn...

Jul 02, 2015Comments off4355 Views

“We ask ourselves, ‘Is this a technology that can significantly improve care delivery, specialty care, transitional care, pharmaceutical services or whatever within the safety net

Infinite Options: HIT Consulting for the Co...

Jul 02, 2015Comments off2288 Views

Infinite Options Technology Consulting Group helps strategizes for companies that serve for the Common Good Christopher Kunney, CPHIMS, CPHIT, MSMOT joined Pat Salber, MD () at

US Doctor Solves the Problem of DRC’s...

Jul 02, 2015Comments off1738 Views

Dr. Salmon describes how implementing regional anesthesia as well as other existing technologies in countries in Africa helped to silence what was known as the

Indiegogo Life: Crowdfunding Life’s C...

Jun 30, 2015Comments off2285 Views

The Indiegogo Life model harkens back to an older era when we always helped each other out in our villages We had a chance to

Three-Way Partnership: HealthXL’s Per...

May 05, 2015Comments off4761 Views

HealthXL is a global “matchmaker” that helps young companies partner with large, often multinational strategics in order to more rapidly bring their products to market. Brian Flatley,

Three-Way Partnership: HealthBeacon’s...

May 05, 2015Comments off4883 Views

HealthXL facilitated the introduction and eventual “marriage” of HealthBeacon with the Cleveland Clinic for purposes of helping HealthBeacon scale in the US market. Kieran Daly, CEO of

Three-Way Partnership: Cleveland ClinicR...

May 05, 2015Comments off4965 Views

HealthXL allows the Cleveland Clinic’s Innovation Initiative to engage with strategic partners around the globe. Charles (Chip) Steiner, the Director of Product Development for the

The 2015 Medscape Patient Engagement Survey

May 03, 2015Comments off2685 Views

There is no uniform definition of patient engagement, nor is there an agreed upon way in which to foster it. Patient engagement is healthcare’s latest

A “Power User’s” Perspect...

May 03, 2015Comments off2748 Views

You can use the Tonic platform to do performance assessments of patients, including functional status, cognitive performance, social status, and financial resources for managing health. Pamela

PFU Appliance Reduces the Risks of BYOD

May 02, 2015Comments off2316 Views

iNetSec Smart Finder is an important tool in the ongoing battle against against healthcare-related cybercrime. Carmine Clementelli, Marketing and Sales Manager of PFU Systems (a

Taking a Meaningful Look at Meaningful Use ...

May 02, 2015Comments off2372 Views

DocGraph is always looking for some area of healthcare that is messed up or unclear that they can work on to help create transparency where it didn’t exist

Next-Gen Telehealth: HealthSpot, Powered by...

May 02, 2015Comments off12368 Views

HealthSpot wants to bring the doctor to you, instead of you going to the doctor—now that’s a good idea! Steve Cashman, Founder and CEO of

BioIQ: Managing the Data Flow of Patient En...

Apr 30, 2015Comments off5532 Views

Justin Bellante, Co-Founder, President, & CEO of BioIQ Today’s guest is Justin Bellante, Co-Founder, President, & CEO of BioIQ, a healthcare technology platform. The company

The Infamous HIMSS Versel-Bush Interview

Apr 30, 2015Comments off2365 Views

The filming of the Versel–Bush annual interview at HiMSS 2015. What a trip! A highlight of the annual HIMSS meeting is the annual Versel-Bush interview by well

SAS: Moving from Retrospective to Predictiv...

Apr 30, 2015Comments off1963 Views

SAS, the largest privately held software company in the world. Pat Salber () chats with Graham Hughes, Chief Medical Officer of SAS, the largest privately