The Airing: A Hoseless, Maskless Micro-CPAP

August 27, 2015
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The Airing—a hoseless, maskless, micro CPAP—is a product that is still in development. A non-working prototype has been created and certain features, such as the nose buds, the soft silicon structures that hold the device in your nose, have been successfully user-tested.The vents that allow air flow into and out of the device have also been tested and seem to work just fine when someone is breathing through the prototype.

The micro-blowers that generate the air pressure, the key technology in the device, are in the proof of concept development stage. Once this is achieved, clinical testing in real live people will be done to demonstrate that they produce the same outcomes as the full-blown, masked, hosed macro-CPAP. Watch the video to learn more or read the article here.

This video is under BY-ND creative commons.

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