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The Airing: A Hoseless, Maskless Micro-CPAP

Aug 27, 2015Comments off2070 Views

The Airing—a hoseless, maskless, micro CPAP—is a product that is still in development. A non-working prototype has been created and certain features, such as the

Med Student Builds an ICD-10 Solution ̵...

Aug 12, 2015Comments off1611 Views

Parth Desai, a Mercer University medical student, set out to build software to help his dad, an internist in Columbus, Georgia, make the required transition Software to Streamline the PCP V...

Aug 07, 2015Comments off3437 Views

According to CEO Ray Costantini, MD, MBA,‘s software as a service “allows providers to do a more thorough, evidence-based interview and get to better

Kareo: Innovating for Small Practices

Jul 15, 2015Comments off5005 Views

CMIO Tom Giannulli, MD joins Pat Salber () to talk about Kareo‘s innovations for small physician practices (1 to 10 docs). They include a mobile

Three-Way Partnership: HealthXL’s Per...

May 05, 2015Comments off4525 Views

HealthXL is a global “matchmaker” that helps young companies partner with large, often multinational strategics in order to more rapidly bring their products to market. Brian Flatley,

Three-Way Partnership: HealthBeacon’s...

May 05, 2015Comments off4646 Views

HealthXL facilitated the introduction and eventual “marriage” of HealthBeacon with the Cleveland Clinic for purposes of helping HealthBeacon scale in the US market. Kieran Daly, CEO of

Three-Way Partnership: Cleveland ClinicR...

May 05, 2015Comments off4730 Views

HealthXL allows the Cleveland Clinic’s Innovation Initiative to engage with strategic partners around the globe. Charles (Chip) Steiner, the Director of Product Development for the

BioIQ: Managing the Data Flow of Patient En...

Apr 30, 2015Comments off5396 Views

Justin Bellante, Co-Founder, President, & CEO of BioIQ Today’s guest is Justin Bellante, Co-Founder, President, & CEO of BioIQ, a healthcare technology platform. The company

CliniCloud: Bringing Healthcare Home

Apr 09, 2015Comments off4930 Views

Monitor your or your family’s health in the comfort of your own home with CliniCloud’s digital stethoscope and non-contact thermometer. On today’s Google Hangouts On-Air,

Prima-Temp: A Fertility Awareness Sensor

Feb 23, 2015Comments off4809 Views

Prima-Temp brings new, innovative approaches to many of today’s healthcare challenges. Prima-Temp brings new, innovative approaches to many of today’s healthcare challenges through the application