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Tough Conversation Coming Up? Kognito Can Help You Prepare

October 14, 2014
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Kognito uses its virtual human technologies and its science-driven approach to create simulations of real conversations.

I had the chance to speak with Ron Goldman at the 2014 Health 2.0. Ron is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kognito, an interesting company founded in 2003 that focuses on conversations about health.

Ron has spent the last decade building virtual human technologies, applying principles of neuroscience, social cognition, learning theory and game mechanics to understand and impact how we can drive health behavior change in ourselves and others.

The biggest challenge in healthcare now is behavior change. When you think about this, conversations about health and wellness are happening everywhere—online and at our work, in our homes with our families, at the pharmacy, at the doctor’s office and hospital.

We talk about health when we purchase healthcare, download a health app, when we are in a dialogue with our physician or just make dinner for our families. Are we really paying enough attention to these conversations? Can we do better at them? Can healthcare professions learn empathy? Can patients have the confidence to ask the right questions? How can caregivers and others around us help build the motivation to change?

Watch this interesting interview with CEO Ron Goldman to see how a virtual conversation works.

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