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November 6, 2015
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4882 Views is on a mission to streamline the PCP office visit and they think doctors and patients are going to love it

The folks at are on a mission to streamline the PCP office visit. They think patients will appreciate the convenience and PCPs will love the improved efficiency as well as better profit margins. Investors think they are on to something. just closed a $3.5 million Series A funding round. And they were just selected as the “solution of choice” for most of the health systems in AVIA Health Innovation‘s Virtual Access cohort. What is all the excitement about?

Pat Salber interviews , Founder and CEO of at the 2015 Health 2.0 in Santa Clara, California to find out.


What is is an automated healthcare support system. They have developed proprietary software, called SmartExam, that handles a lot of the routine administrative, as well as clinical tasks, that fill up a large part of a doctor’s day. For example, many of the questions primary care doctors ask patients to better characterize what is going on are based on their understanding of the natural history of the disease as expressed in the chief complaint. Most of the time, they know what they are going to ask even before they see the patient.

Watch the video or read our blog to learn more!

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