The Evolution of Lark from Insomnia Coaching to Chronic Disease Management

November 21, 2015
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When I first met Julia Hu, Founder and CEO of Lark Technologies, she was working at a bench at the AOL incubator in Palo Alto. Her small startup team, including technical co-founder Jeff Zira, was busy building one of the early devices to help people sleep better. That was four and a half years ago. Since then, Julia and Lark have been on a wild ride. I suspect neither one will ever be the same again.

I was delighted to catch up with Julia again at the 2015 HealthTech Conference in Santa Clara. I asked her fill me in on what has been happening with the company since we last met.

The Lark device was a rough prototype when I first saw it. Even so, Julia said it only took about a year to go from prototype to being sold in all Apple stores. The Lark insomnia aid was not only a tracker, it also came with a personal sleep coach. When Julia realized the power of coaching to digital data, she decided to evolve the company from its single condition focus to the broader goal of developing text-based coaching for any condition using digital data (e.g., weight loss, diabetes, and hypertension).

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