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“Pat () made the interview fun and easy.  Her questions were on the mark and helped me tell the ConsejoSano story the way I wanted.  The video is now a part of my LinkedIn profile, and it has helped us generate interest from both investors and strategic partners.”

—Abner Mason, ConsejoSano

(ConsejoSano’s goal is to provide high quality, affordable, convenient, and confidential health advice to all US based Spanish-speakers regardless of their status (citizen or undocumented) or income. Learn more about ConsejoSano.)



 “HealthXL is focused on finding outstanding innovations in Digital Health….when I want to find great entrepreneurs and learn more about their products Health Tech Hatch is a first port of call.  It is a great way to quickly assess who might be interesting for our corporate members.”

—Martin Kelly, HealthXL

(HealthXL is a collaboration between some of the largest healthcare corporations in the world, focused on developing meaningful commercial projects. Learn more about HealthXL.)



“Throughout the time we have worked with Pat, she constantly impresses us with her insight on how technology can be leveraged for health. She is helping entrepreneurs everywhere develop a nuanced approach to some of the biggest health challenges our world is facing.”

—Bre DiGiammarino, Indiegogo

(Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that empowers people to activate the global community to make ideas happen. Learn more about Indiegogo.)



“Dr. Salber and her venues, The Doctor Weighs In and Health Tech Hatch, are exceptional informational formats about currently relevant and emerging health care topics. Her piece on Cyrcadia Health has been by far the most popular link on our website and has accelerated the public understanding and enthusiasm about our early breast cancer screening wearable technology. Her content is consistently cutting edge and informative. Nice work Dr. Salber!”

—Rob Royea, Cyrcadia Health, Inc.

(Cyrcadia Health’s goal is to empower women’s breast health awareness and have done so starting with their novel approach to breast cancer screening. Learn more about Cyrcadia Health.)



“What a wonderful service Pat Salber is providing via Health Tech Hatch and The Doctor Weighs In. Healthcare is one of our most broken industries today, and Dr. Salber does a terrific job highlighting the work of many of the most disruptive innovators, making their stories come alive via video interviews. She really understands what we are doing and how significant the impact can be. Keep up the great work!”

—Norm Wu, i-Human Patients

(i-Human Patients is a privately-funded company dedicated to enabling active e-learning in healthcare to promote the delivery of high quality, cost-effective care, and to ensure an adequate supply of healthcare providers fully trained in diagnostic reasoning. Learn more about i-Human Patients.)

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