Danny Sands, MD Shares Some Great Ideas In Healthcare

The unifying theme of the Society for Participatory Medicine’s founding member, Danny Sands, is meaningful patient and family engagement.

Pat Salber (@docweighsin) caught up with Danny Sands, MD, one of the founders of the Society for Participatory Medicine (@S4PM) at the Health Technology Forum in San Francisco. Danny, who describes himself in his LinkedIn profile as “Change Agent, Speaker, Consultant at Intersection of Healthcare, IT, and Business,” is involved with a variety of things, including several high value young companies that he describes in this video. He sees patients in a faculty practice primary care clinic at Beth Israel Deaconess,  he is a well-known (and excellent) speaker, and he consults. A few of the innovative companies he is involved with are Seniorlink, Kinergy Health, and Conversa Health, all which are aimed at enhancing patients experience with health care. The common theme of the companies that Danny has chosen to spend his time on is patient and family engagement which is consistent with his role as one of the founders of the Society for Participatory Medicine (S4PM).

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