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Doctella: Patient Centered, Patient Safety Checklists

October 28, 2014
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Safety checklists – airline pilots use them, doctors and care teams use them, and now Doctella is making sure that  patients and their families can use them too.

We all know about patient safety checklists because of Atul Gwande‘s book, The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right. Until recently, healthcare checklists were aimed at doctors or the care team. But now, a startup, named Doctella, has released an app that features checklists for patients preparing for surgery or some type of medical procedure.

The app was developed by Peter Pronovost MD, PhD, one of the nation’s leading experts on patient safety, and a Johns Hopkins colleague, Adil Haider, MD, a trauma surgeon and public health scientist. Adil’s brother, Amer, serves as the CEO of the app’s parent, PDT, a company privately funded by investors in Silicon Valley.

Overall, the concept and execution of Doctella’s patient safety checklist app is brilliant and a great addition growing list of patient centered healthcare apps. Although it is available for free on both Apple iTunes and Google Play, the company hopes to make money licensing white labeled versions to hospitals that want to provide the app to their patients as well as get analytics from the app, sync the information with their EHRs, and monitor certain parameters related to admissions and readmission.

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