i-Human Patients Hones Diagnostic Skills Virtually

Medical diagnosis is a “learn by doing” skill. In medical school, we are taught how to acquire the data we need from patient’s history, physical exam, and ancillary tests, such as lab and xrays. Until recently, the only way to get good at diagnosis is by practicing on patients.

i-Human Patients is changing all of that by providing students and practicing clinicians alike the opportunity to work through complete cases using virtual patients. The company has worked with academic institutions to craft and vet the cases. They then build the case using human like avatars that the clinician can query just like a real patient. You can take a history, do a physical exam and order labs and see the results. You, then, make the diagnosis and have the opportunity to see if you reached the correct conclusions. And, finally, learn more about the clinical condition from the discussion.

CEO Norm Wu calls i-Human Patients a flight simulator for medical students and practicing clinicians. Like flight simulators, it is hoped that the actual practice of medicine will be safer as a result of better trained clinicians. Watch the video to learn more.

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