AccelDx pScreen: A New Way to Monitor Heart Failure at Home

October 29, 2014
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AccelDx’s new microfluidic platform, the pScreen allows home testing of biomarker BNP for monitoring of heart failure

Alberto Gandini, PhD, MBA, Co-founder and CEO of Accel Diagnostics, describes the company’s new product, the pScreen for heart failure at the 4/15/14 Silicon Valley Health 2.0 meet-up. Accel has developed a microfluidics platform, they call the p-Screen, that allows home testing for blood proteins at home.

When a drop a body fluid, for example a finger-prick drop of blood is placed in the pScreen, a highly sensitive immunoassay embedded in the platform quantifies the protein in question and displays the result on an easy to read interface which can be photographed, using a cell phone, and sent to a clinician. The first protein the company is testing is BNP or Brain natriuretic peptide, a protein that is elevated in heart failure.

If it works, this will revolutionize home monitoring of heart failure that currently relies on indirect measures, such as weight gain. The blood levels of the protein BNP increases as heart failure worsens. Patients use their smart phone to send a picture of the platform results to their doctor. If validated by researchers, this test could mean faster detection of worsening heart failure leading to earlier treatment at home and, hopefully, fewer hospitalizations.

Watch the video to hear from Alberto what Accel Diagnostics (or AccelDx) is doing.

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