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Exponential Medicine: Exploring the Cutting Edge with Daniel Kraft

November 7, 2014
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Cutting Edge, HealthBeat 2014

When Daniel Kraft talks as fast as he thinks, the rest of us have to hold on tight to just to keep up!

Daniel Kraft joined Pat Salber () at HealthBeat 2014 in SF for a rapid-fire discussion of medicine at the cutting edge. Daniel chairs the Medicine tract at Singularity University and is the founding Executive Director of the annual Exponential Medicine conference (formerly called Future Medicine).

He talked about the themes at Singularity University (medicine, biotech, robotics, 3-D printing, and beyond) and how SU & EM are exploring where we are now, where the fast-moving technologies are heading, how they are converging and how they might be used to address the big problems in healthcare such as poverty, education and healthcare. Unlike most medical conferences that focus on silos, such as cardiology, oncology or pharmacology, SU and EM are all about un-siloing and blending together diverse fields with the goal of reinventing healthcare.

Disruption, un-siloing, mixing people from different fields are all a part of the Exponential Medicine world. Make sure to watch the video because it’s really a wild ride!

Read the full article on now The Doctor Weighs In:


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