StethoCloud: A New Tool for Dr. Mommy?

November 7, 2014
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StethoCloud Co-Founder Andrew Lin shares his vision for their digital stethoscope

It all began when Andrew Lin and Hon Weng Chong, two young Australian doctors, decided to enter a competition (Microsoft’s Imagine) and ended up winning 75K. Now they have a product, a digital stethoscope that hooks into a smart phone and connects to the cloud.

Though they initially imagined the device to be inexpensive for parents and other non-medical people in the developing world to use to diagnose pneumonia, their concept has morphed into something bigger. Their goal now is to use StethoCloud to diagnose more respiratory conditions and is no longer singularly focused on the developing world. They plan to have the breath sounds run against sophisticated “deep learning” algorithms that can suggest the diagnosis. They hope to get FDA approved and to market their product to consumers.

The StethoCloud consists of three components: a small stethoscope, a smart phone app, and deep learning algorithms. They are currently working on getting the stethoscope into production.

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We got a chance to speak with StethoCloud’s (now rebranded as CliniCloud) Andrew Lin on April 8, 2015 to catch up on what new announcements they had going on. Check it out here: CliniCloud: Bringing Healthcare Home

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