mHealth in Croatia: An Interview with the Minister of Health

December 10, 2014
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mHealth in Croatia is being used to improve health care access in rural areas and on isolated islands.

Sin Varga, the Croatian Minister of Health, joins Pat Salber () at the 2014 mHealth Summit to chat about mHealth in Croatia.

A mobile health platform is being piloted (in one county initially) and is slowly being rolled out across the entire country — first in rural areas and on isolated islands where they don’t have enough doctors and nurses and travel to health care facilities in more populated locales is difficult. In addition to providing improved access to care, mHealth is showing gains in early detection, particularly of complications of certain chronic illnesses, like diabetes and COPD. The use of the platform also obviates the need for elderly people (and others) to travel great distances to hospitals.

Coming down the pike, in 2015, is a full roll-out of a national electronic health record that will allow all physicians in any setting to have access, on a need to know basis, so that all 4.3 million people in Croatia will be on the same platform.

Watch the video and learn about some of the ways in which Croatia is using mHealth!

Read the full article on The Doctor Weighs In here:

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