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Stanford Health Care: Blending Science with Compassion

“I am so bullish on the opportunities for us to truly deliver integrated solutions, not only to medical care, but also to health and well-being.” – Amir Dan Rubin

Pat Salber MD (@docweighsin) interviews Amir Dan Rubin, President and CEO of Stanford Health Care at the Personalized Medicine World Conference (#PMWC14) in Mountain View on 01/26/15. In the video, Amir describes how Stanford seeks to heal humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time. He describes how they are doing that in four strategic areas: for care of complex conditions, across a growing network of care, for populations of care, and for virtual care.

Amir tells us that Stanford doesn’t want to “just create the leading edge, we also want to deliver care in a highly coordinated way…patients don’t just want good service every time they come to visit us. They want much more—an integrated solution to all of their problems.”

In response, Stanford has launched health navigators and genomic counselors and new online tools to help patients navigate their way through their complex care conditions. And best of all, they now have care in the cloud for their patients.

Watch the video to learn the details.

Read more here: http://thedoctorweighsin.com/conversation-amir-dan-rubin-ceo-stanford-health-care/.

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