Genia Technologies: Democratizing Gene Sequencing

Smaller, lower cost units will allow DNA sequencing to be decentralized and democratized, making it affordable for patients everywhere

Allison Ballmer, Director of International Business for Genia Technologies, a member of the Roche Family, joined Pat Salber (@docweighsin) at the 2015 Personalized Medicine World Conference in Mountain View, California. We talked about the evolution of Next Generation gene sequencing using Genia Technologies’ nanopore-based approach.

Genia’s mission is to make genetic information universally available. Therefore, Genia has created a platform that allows the decentralization of sequencing, thus, making it available to patients everywhere. It is also lower cost and should help us get to the much anticipated sub-$100 genome sequencing.

According to Allison, this may one day become a substitute for biopsy to monitor therapeutic response and the changes in biology of a cancer over the life of a therapy. She said, a big focus for Genia, and the for whole industry, is “how can we use DNA and the information that NextGen sequencing provides in clinical samples, such as cell-free DNA that we can get from blood.” How exciting!!

Watch to the video to learn more about the potential benefits to patients of having this cutting edge technology much more widely available.

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