Tonic Health: Making Patient Data Collection Fun

Your doctor’s office still handing you a paper form on a clipboard? No way! Tell ’em to check out Tonic Health.

CEO of Tonic Health, Sterling Lanier joined Pat Salber (@docweighsin) to show us how his product is making data collection, whether from surveys, forms or questionnaires, fun and engaging. Tonic uses visually pleasing, contextually relevant graphics together with the text so, as he tells me, users are looking forward to the next question in order to see what fun pictures will be shown. The applications is completely customizable. He likens it to a Lego set.

He says their power users are able to create tools that have the look and feel they want. It’s all about getting the “right education, at the right time, on the right device, to the right patients—all in real time.”

Watch the video to learn more about Tonic Health from the CEO. You can also read the blog post to learn more about what Tonic is and how to utilize it to your preferences.

Also, watch the companion video to learn more about Tonic Health from the perspective of power user, Pamela Duncan, MD, a Wake Forest neurologist.

This video is under BY-ND creative commons.