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Catching Up with Validic, the Digital Healt...

Nov 03, 2015Comments off5091 Views

Pat Salber () catches up with Drew Schiller, CTO of Validic at the 2015 Health 2.0 annual meeting in Santa Clara, California. Validic enables the

Is Digital Mental Health the Future of Psyc...

Oct 19, 2015Comments off4614 Views

Steve Chan MD, psychiatry resident and digital health maven, joined Pat Salber () at Stanford’s MedX to talk about digital mental health and the future

The Airing: A Hoseless, Maskless Micro-CPAP

Aug 27, 2015Comments off2149 Views

The Airing—a hoseless, maskless, micro CPAP—is a product that is still in development. A non-working prototype has been created and certain features, such as the

Kareo: Innovating for Small Practices

Jul 15, 2015Comments off5112 Views

CMIO Tom Giannulli, MD joins Pat Salber () to talk about Kareo‘s innovations for small physician practices (1 to 10 docs). They include a mobile

Infinite Options: HIT Consulting for the Co...

Jul 02, 2015Comments off2287 Views

Infinite Options Technology Consulting Group helps strategizes for companies that serve for the Common Good Christopher Kunney, CPHIMS, CPHIT, MSMOT joined Pat Salber, MD () at

Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds to Solve To...

Mar 04, 2015Comments off4222 Views

On average CrowdMed patients have been ill for 8 years, have seen 8 doctors and have cost $60,000 Jared Heyman is the Founder and CEO

Prima-Temp: A Fertility Awareness Sensor

Feb 23, 2015Comments off4921 Views

Prima-Temp brings new, innovative approaches to many of today’s healthcare challenges. Prima-Temp brings new, innovative approaches to many of today’s healthcare challenges through the application

Qualcomm Life & Chronic Illness Manage...

Dec 11, 2014Comments off3447 Views

Qualcomm Life is building the underlying digital health infrastructure that enables healthcare companies to focus on delivering care instead of developing technology. Rick Valencia, SVP and General Manager

Harry Leider: What is the Value of mHealth?

Dec 11, 2014Comments off3145 Views

Harry Leider, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Walgreens on the Value of mHealth. Harry Leider joined Pat Salber () at the mHealth Summit in Washington

What’s New in Digital at Kaiser Perma...

Dec 11, 2014Comments off3904 Views

Members can now use selfies to communicate with their doctors about emerging clinical conditions Christine Paige, SVP of Marketing and Digital Services at Kaiser Permanente

Dr. David Rhew’s Journey from ID doc ...

Dec 11, 2014Comments off3310 Views

David Rhew MD joins Pat Salber () at the 2014 mHealth Summit in Washington DC. We talked about his journey from an infectious disease physician

Living in Digital Times’ Robin Raskin...

Oct 29, 2014Comments off2541 Views

Dr. Pat Salber chats with Robin on her bird’s eye view of the current health and technology industry and where we are headed in the

Danny Sands, MD Shares Some Great Ideas In ...

Oct 28, 2014Comments off2740 Views

The unifying theme of the Society for Participatory Medicine’s founding member, Danny Sands, is meaningful patient and family engagement. Pat Salber () caught up with Danny Sands, MD,

A Chat with Jill Gilbert, Producer of Digit...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2857 Views

Jill Gilbert, the producer of the Digital Health Summer Summit’s agenda bio says that she is “a modern day digital alchemist, bringing together expert speakers, cutting-edge topics,

Validic: The Digital Health Connector

Oct 14, 2014Comments off2735 Views

I had a fun chat with Ryan Beckland, Co-Founder and CEO of Validic at the recent 2014 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. He told me the company

Do Docs & Patients See Eye-to-Eye? An ...

Oct 05, 2014Comments off2698 Views

Eric Topol, MD, Chief Academic Officer of Scripps Health, Editor-in-Chief of Medscape, and author of the “bible” of digital health, “The Creative Destruction of Medicine”