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Practice Fusion’s Matthew Douglass Shares Lessons Learned

October 21, 2014
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June’s special guest at the monthly Silicon Valley Health 2.0 Meet-up was Matthew Douglass, Co-Founder of Practice Fusion (PF).

Matt started his talk by reviewing some recently released HC data that shows the US ranks last in quality metrics and is the most expensive health care (HC) in the world by far.

He, then, reminded us what the HC environment looked like in 2007 when PF was founded (7% of docs used EHRs, 60% of bankruptcies were due to med bills, 55 million Americans were uninsured, no uniform standards for interoperability and the 1st generation iPhone was being released). Then came the recession, the stimulus bill and eventually Obamacare. By 2014, things were very different. 40% of docs are now using EHRs daily, 0% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills, 19 million more Americans have health insurance, and, new HHS bureaucracy, ONC, has helped us get to 3 uniform standards to drive interoperability (i.e., EHRs can now talk to each other.

During this time, PF grew rapidly, and, per Matt, is now the nation’s largest patient-physician platform with 82 million patient lives and 110,000 medical professional logging in every day. Matt closes the presentation by sharing the three things he tells entrepreneurs.

1) Find the avoidable
2) Be agile, try many things
3) Aim for incremental behavior change

This is a great video for anyone interested in digital health. Enjoy.

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