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Vinod Khosla Answers Entrepreneurs’ Q...

Nov 07, 2014Comments off3162 Views

Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures was the keynote speaker at the July meeting of Health 2.0 Silicon Valley. It was standing room only at

Docs, You Can Solve “Daily RoundsR...

Nov 07, 2014Comments off3364 Views

Daily Rounds collects clinical cases from medical schools & individual docs so physicians can learn from case studies via their mobile phone Deepu Sebin, MD,

Prompt Outreach: Solving for Simple Between...

Nov 07, 2014Comments off8682 Views

Prompt Outreach will offer clinicians a simple way to outreach to patients via a variety of means (emails, SMS texts, telephony, web services and PDF

Atlassian’s San Francisco Health Hack

Nov 07, 2014Comments off2746 Views

Connie Kwan, Product Manager at Atlassian, took the stage at the July 2014 Silicon Valley Health 2.0 Meet-up to tell the audience about the first

Garrett Dunham Announces MedHack 2014 at He...

Nov 07, 2014Comments off2422 Views

Garrett Dunham, Founder and CEO of Prebacked announced the MedHack healthcare hackathon will take place on September 6 & 7 in partnership with University of

Great Advice for Entrepreneurs in Healthcar...

Nov 07, 2014Comments off2684 Views

Geoff Clapp’s List of 6 Things Health Entrepreneurs Should and Shouldn’t Do Geoff Clapp, Co-Founder of Health Hero and more recently Better (an app that

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AccelDx pScreen: A New Way to Monitor Heart...

Oct 29, 2014Comments off3068 Views

AccelDx’s new microfluidic platform, the pScreen allows home testing of biomarker BNP for monitoring of heart failure Alberto Gandini, PhD, MBA, Co-founder and CEO of

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TrueVault, a HIPAA Compliant Database as a ...

Oct 28, 2014Comments off2272 Views

Trey Swann, co-founder of TrueVault, a “HIPAA compliant database as a service,” presented at the March 2014 meeting of Silicon Valley Health 2.0. As Trey

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A Breakthrough in Mental Health

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2921 Views

Breakthrough is an online telehealth platform that brings together patients, providers, and insurers so that people with mental health needs can quickly, conveniently, and privately

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Practice Fusion’s Matthew Douglass Sh...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2423 Views

June’s special guest at the monthly Silicon Valley Health 2.0 Meet-up was Matthew Douglass, Co-Founder of Practice Fusion (PF). Matt started his talk by reviewing

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Gain Fitness: Digital Personal Training

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2631 Views

GAIN Fitness merges the worlds of fitness apps, wearables, and personal training to make it easy for everyone to access a personal trainer Gain Fitness’

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Manage your Vitals Beautifully with iHealth...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2794 Views

As more and more aggregators of health tracking devices vie to gain traction in the marketplace, it will be interesting to see which digital health apps

Giving GeriJoy to Loved Ones with Dementia

Sep 28, 2014Comments off3172 Views

“Harnessing the global supply of human compassion, intelligence and care to enable families to provide loved ones with very cost effective company and supervision when

The SKTA Innovation Accelerator for Core Te...

Sep 08, 2014Comments off2417 Views

Developing Core Technology? The SKTA Innovation Accelerator may have a space for you Anil Mahavadi, Investments and Strategic Partnerships Summer Analyst at SK Telecom Americas (the

Star Cunningham presents 4D Healthware

Sep 05, 2014Comments off2320 Views

4D can take in lab data, genome data, data from fitness trackers, and with your permission, data from your EHR Star Cunningham is the Founder