Great Advice for Entrepreneurs in Healthcare from Better Co-Founder Geoff Clapp

November 7, 2014
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Geoff Clapp’s List of 6 Things Health Entrepreneurs Should and Shouldn’t Do

Geoff Clapp, Co-Founder of Health Hero and more recently Better (an app that is a Personal Health Assistant), was the keynote at Silicon Valley Health 2.0 on April 15, 2015. TDWI Media was there to film the entire event.

Geoff has been a healthcare entrepreneur for 15 years, having a successful exit from his first company, Health Hero, that sold to Bosch. After that, he retired for 4 years (translation—he did really well). His passion is digital health. In fact, he says what he wants on his grave stone is “That guy helped out in digital health.”

He is excited by the entire health continuum from wellness to critical illness, but he advised the audience of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, “The person who needs you the most is the person with serious illness, not the wellness folks.”

He went on to list 6 things health entrepreneurs should and shouldn’t do:

  1. Regulation is Not the Enemy
  2. The Global Allure
  3. The Death March (a.k.a. We Got a Pilot!)
  4. There is a Healthcare Consumer (It’s the Patient)
  5. Solve a Real Problem
  6. The Fund-raising Landscape

Watch the video to learn more about what Geoff Clapp had to say.

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