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ConsejoSano: Leapfrogging Barriers and Borders

Every person deserves a chance to talk to a doctor who can understand them (and that they can understand) when they or their kids are sick.

Watch as Abner Mason, Founder and CEO of ConsejoSano, describes this innovative service to link Spanish-speaking people in the US with licensed physicians working in call centers in Mexico. The idea is to give every Spanish-speaker a chance to talk to a doctor as often as they need at a very low price ($9.99/month for a family of five). Abner makes it clear that this is medical advice and not the practice of medicine – these docs don’t write prescriptions, rather they tell people about over the counter medications they can try instead. If the patient needs more than that, they are referred to local urgent care centers or physicians. The service was specifically designed to provide help with minor or self-limited conditions, such as colds and flu, allergies, and rashes. Abner says because it is a health advice service and not the practice of medicine, the service does not violate laws and regulations that govern medical practice. I look forward to following this company as it goes live in November 2014…and beyond.

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