Do It Yourself Sperm Counts from Sandstone Diagnostics

Pat Salber () chats with Greg Sommer, Founder & CEO of Sandstone Diagnostics, about their home test for male fertility, named Trak, at the Personalized Medicine World Conference (#PMWC15) in Mountain View, CA.

It is basically a small lightweight centrifuge that compacts a semen specimen in a proprietary cartridge that has been calibrated to translate volume of the spun fluid into the sperm count. He tells me the company has validated that the sperm counts produced by the Trak test are on par with those obtained in a fertility doctor’s office. The company is currently seeking 510(k) clearance for the device from the FDA. That means it is not currently on the market, but hopefully, if all goes well with FDA, it will be sometime soon. You can learn more about the device (including seeing a brief demo) by watching the video. Greg recommends the website as a source of more information about male fertility.

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