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The 2015 Medscape Patient Engagement Survey

May 03, 2015Comments off2693 Views

There is no uniform definition of patient engagement, nor is there an agreed upon way in which to foster it. Patient engagement is healthcare’s latest

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PFU Appliance Reduces the Risks of BYOD

May 02, 2015Comments off2321 Views

iNetSec Smart Finder is an important tool in the ongoing battle against against healthcare-related cybercrime. Carmine Clementelli, Marketing and Sales Manager of PFU Systems (a

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Elsevier: Customizing Medical Content for D...

May 02, 2015Comments off5001 Views

Elsevier uses the approach to customize evidence-based medicine targeted towards docs, nurse practitioners, nurses, and patients. Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is all about the right

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Next-Gen Telehealth: HealthSpot, Powered by...

May 02, 2015Comments off12387 Views

HealthSpot wants to bring the doctor to you, instead of you going to the doctor—now that’s a good idea! Steve Cashman, Founder and CEO of

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The Infamous HIMSS Versel-Bush Interview

Apr 30, 2015Comments off2369 Views

The filming of the Versel–Bush annual interview at HiMSS 2015. What a trip! A highlight of the annual HIMSS meeting is the annual Versel-Bush interview by well

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SAS: Moving from Retrospective to Predictiv...

Apr 30, 2015Comments off1966 Views

SAS, the largest privately held software company in the world. Pat Salber (@docweighsin) chats with Graham Hughes, Chief Medical Officer of SAS, the largest privately

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Extending Emergency Care Beyond the ER

Apr 24, 2015Comments off5201 Views

The hope is that they take their meds, follow the discharge instructions, get follow-ups, and, most important, get better along the trajectory expected by the