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Eric Bing, MD, PhD, MBA (wow) & Pharmacy on a Bicycle

October 10, 2014
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I caught up with Eric Bing, a psychiatrist and epidemiologist whose focus is on behavior, not just of individuals, but also of populations and organizations at the 2014 Health Technology Forum in San Francisco.

Dr. Bing’s training (an MD, MPH, PhD in Epidemiology, and MBA) give him a perspective few people have and he has put it to good use. According to his biography, “he has developed health programs throughout Africa and the Caribbean, has received the Alfred Haynes International Health Leadership Award, and is a Paul G. Rogers International Health Research Ambassador from Research!America.”

Currently, he is Senior Fellow and Director for Global Health at the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas. There, he leads the Bush Institute’s global health initiatives, “with an emphasis on creating programs that engage both the public and private sectors.”

Dr. Bing is also co-author of a recently published book, “Pharmacy on a Bicycle,” that describes how to get low cost solutions to people in innovative ways. In this interview, he describes the import role innovation (in business models, technology, and data analytics) plays helping people in the developing world have better access to the care they need.

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