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CareSpan: Delivering Primary Care Everywhere

October 13, 2014
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According to Terry Knapp, MD, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of CareSpan International, the company “exists to bring comprehensive, integrated, lower cost medical care, wellness, and occupational health to workers and other persons in need worldwide.” They use telemedicine and mHealth applications to “lower transaction costs and extend medical reach.” Watch the video to hear CEO Mark Winter explain what they are doing.

Read more here: http://thedoctorweighsin.com/carespan-delivering-primary-care-everywhere/.


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  1. Excellent article firamng the trends, advantages and role of mHealth. Indeed, consumers are leading this charge. Sensors and devices (or apps which perform those functions) will populate records on the phone or in the Cloud, but these same records will benefit from connecting to provider and payer data sources. High adoption of the Kaiser patient portal is being enhanced by mobile access – a great example of a portal and mHealth working hand-in-hand. I believe it isn’t that mHealth will replace PHRs, but will finally facilitate their use and adoption, even as PHRs might become unrecognizable – just a database in the background fed by a flurry of condition-based health, wellness and fitness apps and devices, as well as provider/payer sources. Thank you for your leadership in mHealth, and the HIMSS mHealth book!