In Control: An ePatient’s Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Data dysfunction creates unnecessary challenges for engaged patients trying to manage chronic conditions, like Type 1 Diabetes.

The highlight of WLSA 2014 Convergence Conference in San Diego was the “Voices of the Patients’ panel. We had a chance to chat on video with one of the participants, Anna McCollister-Slipp, Founder and CEO of Galileo Analytics. Anna has had Type 1 Diabetes for 28 years and not only has difficult to control blood glucose, but also has eye, nerve, and kidney disease complications as well.

She gave me a sense of what the medical part of her life is like. She takes 14 medications per day. She has four prescription devices, including an insulin pump. She also uses four consumer devices (two apps, a blood pressure cuff, and a digital scale). And as if this wasn’t enough, last year she had 63 different doctor appointments. For all of you out there who have struggled with making a single appointment, driving and parking, waiting in the waiting room, waiting in the exam room, and then trying to squeeze everything into the 15 minute appointment, multiple that times 63 and you will have a sense of the impact on Anna’s life.

As a highly engaged and motivated patient, Anna understands her health condition and knows what needs to be done to optimize her health. But with so much data dysfunction–having so many devices producing data but none of them talking to each other–Anna has a difficult time putting it together and understanding how it affects to her health. Fortunately, this experience inspired her to found Galileo Analytics.

Check out the video to hear Anna tell her story and explain what her company, Galileo Analytics does. Enjoy!

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This video is under BY-ND creative commons.

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