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Eric Bing, MD, PhD, MBA (wow) & Pharma...

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IBM Watson’s Open API

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Lauri Saft, Director of IBM Watson Ecosystem, talks about opening up an API to developers so they can leverage Watson’s “brainpower.” You don’t have to

Get Access for All the Data: AirStrip One

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Matt Patterson, MD, COO of Airstrip, chats with Pat Salber, MD (@docweighsin) about AirStrip ONE, a software that provides clinicians with a single point of

SafeUseNow: Predictive Analytics to ID Pres...

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Prescription drug abuse, particularly of specific types of oral opioids, like Oxycontin, is a major problem in the US – it is estimated that 52

ReelDx Ushers in the Era of Personal Clinic...

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CEO Bill Kelly explains why the ReelDx platform is a game changer. Patients can record their visits to share with family members and caregivers. Docs

Edison Nation Medical Helps Unleash Your In...

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According to Louis Foreman, CEO of Edison Nation Medical (ENM) everyone has great ideas, but not everyone wants to start a company.  In fact, he

Flexible Electronics: MC10 Paves the Way fo...

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According to the MC10 website, the company “extends human capability through virtually invisible and conformal electronics.” What?? My translation is that the are making sensors

The SKTA Innovation Accelerator for Core Te...

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Developing Core Technology? The SKTA Innovation Accelerator may have a space for you Anil Mahavadi, Investments and Strategic Partnerships Summer Analyst at SK Telecom Americas (the

Star Cunningham presents 4D Healthware

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4D can take in lab data, genome data, data from fitness trackers, and with your permission, data from your EHR Star Cunningham is the Founder