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Startup Perthera Aims to Personalize Cancer...

Apr 25, 2015Comments off4609 Views

Perthera’s services are an example of the new personalized (or precision) approach to cancer treatment. Pat Salber MD interviews Lee Barrett, Senior Advisor about precision

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CliniCloud: Bringing Healthcare Home

Apr 09, 2015Comments off4937 Views

Monitor your or your family’s health in the comfort of your own home with CliniCloud’s digital stethoscope and non-contact thermometer. On today’s Google Hangouts On-Air,

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In Control: An ePatient’s Life with T...

Apr 03, 2015Comments off4120 Views

Data dysfunction creates unnecessary challenges for engaged patients trying to manage chronic conditions, like Type 1 Diabetes. The highlight of WLSA 2014 Convergence Conference in San

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Oracle on Gigantic Data and Genomics

Feb 23, 2015Comments off3255 Views

Oracle is building open, scalable platforms so that their customers can populate them. Pat Salber (@docweighsin) chats with Oracle’s Jonathan Sheldon (Global VP for Health

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Prima-Temp: A Fertility Awareness Sensor

Feb 23, 2015Comments off4814 Views

Prima-Temp brings new, innovative approaches to many of today’s healthcare challenges. Prima-Temp brings new, innovative approaches to many of today’s healthcare challenges through the application

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A Chat with George Lundberg, Chief Medical ...

Feb 23, 2015Comments off2852 Views

We had a chance to catch up with George Lundberg, MD, former JAMA Editor in Chief of JAMA, current Editor-at-Large of Medscape, and now Chief

Do It Yourself Sperm Counts from Sandstone ...

Feb 17, 2015Comments off5479 Views

Pat Salber (@docweighsin) chats with Greg Sommer, Founder & CEO of Sandstone Diagnostics, about their home test for male fertility, named Trak, at the Personalized

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Oxford’s Peter Donnelly on Genomics &...

Feb 05, 2015Comments off3401 Views

The next big challenge will be understanding what the information means for people in terms of risk of disease and guiding diagnosis and treatment when

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Stanford Health Care: Blending Science with...

Feb 02, 2015Comments off2984 Views

“I am so bullish on the opportunities for us to truly deliver integrated solutions, not only to medical care, but also to health and well-being.”

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Pfizer & mHealth

Dec 11, 2014Comments off3012 Views

Wendy Mayer, VP of Worldwide Innovation, Pfizer, joined Pat Salber (@docweighsin) at the mHealth Summit in Washington DC to discuss Pfizer & mHealth. Pfizer develops some of

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What’s New in Digital at Kaiser Perma...

Dec 11, 2014Comments off3819 Views

Members can now use selfies to communicate with their doctors about emerging clinical conditions Christine Paige, SVP of Marketing and Digital Services at Kaiser Permanente

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Dr. David Rhew’s Journey from ID doc ...

Dec 11, 2014Comments off3255 Views

David Rhew MD joins Pat Salber (@docweighsin) at the 2014 mHealth Summit in Washington DC. We talked about his journey from an infectious disease physician

Transforming Healthcare: A Conversation wit...

Dec 05, 2014Comments off6065 Views

There is “a massive opportunity for healthcare systems to reshape their economics as they see declining reimbursement on the inpatient side,” said Frank Williams, CEO Evolent

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Chopra’s Hunch: Harnessing Big Data t...

Dec 05, 2014Comments off3613 Views

“Where else could you actually reduce costs and improve outcomes to the degree in which we can in healthcare.” Aneesh Chopra, the former Chief Technology Officer

StethoCloud: A New Tool for Dr. Mommy?

Nov 07, 2014Comments off3303 Views

StethoCloud Co-Founder Andrew Lin shares his vision for their digital stethoscope It all began when Andrew Lin and Hon Weng Chong, two young Australian doctors,

Vinod Khosla Answers Entrepreneurs’ Q...

Nov 07, 2014Comments off3120 Views

Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures was the keynote speaker at the July meeting of Health 2.0 Silicon Valley. It was standing room only at

Atlassian’s San Francisco Health Hack

Nov 07, 2014Comments off2699 Views

Connie Kwan, Product Manager at Atlassian, took the stage at the July 2014 Silicon Valley Health 2.0 Meet-up to tell the audience about the first

Garrett Dunham Announces MedHack 2014 at He...

Nov 07, 2014Comments off2387 Views

Garrett Dunham, Founder and CEO of Prebacked announced the MedHack healthcare hackathon will take place on September 6 & 7 in partnership with University of

Great Advice for Entrepreneurs in Healthcar...

Nov 07, 2014Comments off2635 Views

Geoff Clapp’s List of 6 Things Health Entrepreneurs Should and Shouldn’t Do Geoff Clapp, Co-Founder of Health Hero and more recently Better (an app that

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Nueon: Reimagining Blood Pressure Measureme...

Oct 29, 2014Comments off3209 Views

We’ve been measuring blood pressure the same way for 150 years. Isn’t it time for something new? Bob Messerschmidt, CEO of Nueon, joined Pat Salber

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Living in Digital Times’ Robin Raskin...

Oct 29, 2014Comments off2492 Views

Dr. Pat Salber chats with Robin on her bird’s eye view of the current health and technology industry and where we are headed in the

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ConsejoSano: Leapfrogging Barriers and Bord...

Oct 28, 2014Comments off3559 Views

Every person deserves a chance to talk to a doctor who can understand them (and that they can understand) when they or their kids are

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TrueVault, a HIPAA Compliant Database as a ...

Oct 28, 2014Comments off2243 Views

Trey Swann, co-founder of TrueVault, a “HIPAA compliant database as a service,” presented at the March 2014 meeting of Silicon Valley Health 2.0. As Trey

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Leroy Hood: Systems Thinking in Biology

Oct 28, 2014Comments off2771 Views

Leroy Hood has been solving big problems in medicine his entire career. His contributions have been monumental, including being involved in the development of five

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Zipnosis: Minute Clinic on Your iPhone

Oct 21, 2014Comments off6349 Views

Zipnosis fits into the slipstream of your life in a way that traditional office visit care never has. Jon Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis, one of

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GSMA: MegaTelecom Meets Healthcare

Oct 21, 2014Comments off5629 Views

Mobile healthcare innovators… looking to go global? Then, this is one video you should watch. GSMA represents 3.5 billion SIM cards in the world, and they are

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A Breakthrough in Mental Health

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2874 Views

Breakthrough is an online telehealth platform that brings together patients, providers, and insurers so that people with mental health needs can quickly, conveniently, and privately

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Anne DeGheest on Metrics for Success for He...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2780 Views

I had a chance to catch up with Anne DeGheest, Co-Founder of HealthTech Capital at the 2014 Digital Health Summer Summit. At this conference, we

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Practice Fusion’s Matthew Douglass Sh...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2376 Views

June’s special guest at the monthly Silicon Valley Health 2.0 Meet-up was Matthew Douglass, Co-Founder of Practice Fusion (PF). Matt started his talk by reviewing

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Don Ross Recaps the HealthTech Conference 2...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off5487 Views

Don Ross, Co-Founder of HealthTech Capital, joins The Doctor Weighs In (@docweighsin) to chat about the HealthTech Conference and the feedback they are getting from

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Welltok: Optimizing Health & Maximizin...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off3009 Views

I had a chance to spend some time with Michelle Snyder, Chief Marketing Officer of Welltok, at the recent Digital Health Summer Summit in San

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A Conversation with Donato Tramuto, Founder...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off4741 Views

Donato Tramuto has lots of jobs. He is the Founder and CEO of Physicians Interactive, an international platform for life sciences brands to reach physicians and

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Sharecare: Building a Skyscraper

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2624 Views

Sharecare encourages users to take the RealAge test as a part of the registration process. Brilliant! Who doesn’t want to know if they are really 10

Jiff: Mining Digital Health for Employee We...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off4257 Views

We had a chance to catch up with Derek Newell, CEO of Jiff at the 2014 Digital Health Summer Summit. Jiff, he explained, provides self-insured employers with a one-stop

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A Chat with Jill Gilbert, Producer of Digit...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off2820 Views

Jill Gilbert, the producer of the Digital Health Summer Summit’s agenda bio says that she is “a modern day digital alchemist, bringing together expert speakers, cutting-edge topics,

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Geppetto Builds Hearts and Minds for Avatar...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off3187 Views

Want to make an avatar more human? Or help a robot have personality? That’s exactly what the folks at Geppetto Avatars are doing. I had

Glooko Puts Glucose in Context

Oct 17, 2014Comments off2786 Views

Glooko is a tool for people with diabetes that helps them put their glucose in context. The Glooko’s MeterSync device can upload glucose readings from

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Validic: The Digital Health Connector

Oct 14, 2014Comments off2687 Views

I had a fun chat with Ryan Beckland, Co-Founder and CEO of Validic at the recent 2014 Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. He told me the company

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Ash Damle’s Passion: Bringing Good D...

Oct 13, 2014Comments off2559 Views

Ash is the founder and CEO of Lumiata (formerly known as Medgle). Lumiata is a big data analytic company that is aiming to transform medical

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CareSpan: Delivering Primary Care Everywhe...

Oct 13, 2014Comments off3828 Views

According to Terry Knapp, MD, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of CareSpan International, the company “exists to bring comprehensive, integrated, lower cost medical care, wellness,